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The Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names In Worlds 2019

The Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names In Worlds 2019

Picking a name for your new infant can be a fun and energizing achievement in your voyage to parenthood. In any case, it can likewise be unbelievably distressing. You’re picking a moniker for an individual you haven’t met, and they’ll likely utilize it for an amazing remainder. Also, in the event that you and your accomplice can’t concede to a name, it can make a truly upsetting circumstance. That is the point at which it’s a smart thought to go to the absolute most prevalent infant names bola from the US Social Security Administration.

The organization tracks the majority of the names given to kids conceived in the US, and after that positions them dependent on prevalence. The outcome is a rundown of 100 child young men names and 100 infant young ladies names that are the most prominent in the nation at whatever year. Beneath, we’ve gathered together the 50 most well known child kid names and the 50 most prominent infant young lady names of 2018 — and even incorporated the implications behind them. The odd numbers are the kid names in slipping request, and the even numbers are young lady names in plunging request.

So in case you’re feeling stuck, navigate. One of these names may be the ideal one for your new beloved newborn — or it may in any event get your mind headed the correct way to pick the ideal name.

1.Liam: Irish, meaning “strong-willed warrior and protector.”
2. Emma: German, meaning “whole” or “universal”
3. Noah: Hebrew, meaning “rest” and “comfort”
4. Olivia: Greek, feminine of Oliver, meaning “olive tree”
5. William: German, meaning “strong-willed warrior”
6. Ava: German, a variation of Eve, meaning “bird”
7. James: Hebrew, meaning “one who follows”
8. Isabella: Hebrew, a variation of Elizabeth, meaning “devoted to God”
9. Oliver: Latin, meaning “olive tree”
10. Sophia: Greak, meaning “wisdom”
11. Benjamin: Hebrew, meaning “son of the south”
12. Charlotte: French, feminine of Charles, meaning “petite” and “feminine”
13. Elijah: Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is God”
14. Mia: Latin, variation of Maria, meaning “mine” or “wished-for child”
15. Lucas: Latin, variation of Luke, meaning “light-giving” or “illumination”
16. Amelia: Latin, meaning “industrious” and “striving”
17. Mason: French, a last name traditionally given to stoneworkers
18. Harper: Latin, a last name traditionally given to someone who plays the harp
19. Logan: Scottish, meaning “small hollow”
20. Evelyn: Irish, variation of Eve, meaning “life” or “living”
21. Alexander: Greek, meaning “defender of men”
22. Abigail: Hebrew, meaning “the father’s joy”
23. Ethan: Hebrew, meaning “strong,” “safe,” and “firm”
24. Emily: Latin, variation of Aemilia, meaning “striving” and “eager”
25. Jacob: Hebrew, meaning “supplanter”
26. Elizabeth: Hebrew, meaning “consecrated to God”
27. Michael: Hebrew, meaning “Who is like God?”
28. Mila: Russian, meaning “dear one”
29. Daniel: Hebrew, meaning “God is my judge”
30. Ella: English, variation of Eleanor, meaning “light”
31. Henry: German, meaning “ruler of the household”
32. Avery: French, variation of Alfred, meaning “wise”
33. Jackson: Hebrew, meaning “son of Jack”
34. Sophia: Greek, meaning “wisdom”
35. Sebastian: Greek, meaning “venerable” or “revered”
36. Camila: Italian, meaning “attendant”
37. Aiden: Irish, meaning “fiery”
38. Aria: German, meaning “air”
39. Matthew: Hebrew, variation of Matityahu, meaning “gift from God”
40. Scarlett: English, meaning “bright red”
41. Samuel: Hebrew, meaning “heard God” or “asked of God”
42. Victoria: Latin, meaning “victory”
43. David: Hebrew, meaning “beloved”
44. Madison: English, a variation of the Medieval name Madde
45. Joseph: Hebrew, meaning “God shall add another son”
46. Luna: Latin, meaning “moon”
47. Carter: English, traditionally a last name given to those who drove carts
48. Grace: Latin, meaning “goodness” and “generosity”
49. Owen: Celtic, meaning “young warrior,” “well born,” and “noble”
50. Chloe: Greek, from the word “Khloe,” which was used to represent Demeter, the goddess of fertility
51. Wyatt: Old English, traditionally a last name based on wido, which means “wood” or “wide”
52. Penelope: Greek, meaning “weaver”
53. John: Hebrew, meaning “God is gracious”
54. Layla: Arabic, meaning “wine,” “intoxication,” “night,” or “dark beauty”
55. Jack: English, traditionally a nickname for John or James
56. Riley: Irish, meaning “wood clearing” and “valiant”
57. Luke: Latin, a variation of Lucas, meaning “light giving”
58. Zoey: Greek, a variation of Zoe, meaning “life”
59. Jayden: A mashup of Jay and Hayden
60. Nora: Latin, a variation of Honora, meaning “honor”
61. Dylan: Welsh, meaning “sea”
62. Lily: Greek, from the flower, which is a symbol of purity in Christianity
63. Grayson: English, meaning “son of a steward”
64. Eleanor: Greek, meaning “bright, shining one”
65. Levi: Hebrew, meaning “joined in harmony”
66. Hannah: Hebrew, meaning “favor” or “grace of God”
67. Isaac: Hebrew, meaning “he will laugh”
68. Lillian: Latin, derived from the name Elizabeth
69. Gabriel: Hebrew, meaning “devoted to God”
70. Addison: English, originally a last name derived from the name Adam
71. Julian: Latin, meaning “bearded” and “father of the skies”
72. Aubrey: French, from the Germanic name Albric, who was king of the elves in German mythology
73. Mateo: Spanish, meaning “gift of god”
74. Ellie: Greek, meaning “shining light”
75. Anthony: Latin, meaning “priceless”
76. Stella: Greek, meaning “star”
77. Jaxon: English, meaning “son of Jack”
78. Natalie: Latin, from the Russian name Natalia, meaning “birthday” of “Christmas”
79. Lincoln: Latin, meaning “lithe”
80. Zoe: Greek, meaning “life”
81. Joshua: Hebrew, meaning “lord is salvation”
82. Leah: Hebrew, meaning “weary”
83. Christopher: Greek, meaning “Christ-bearer”
84. Hazel: English, derived from the hazel tree and the hazelnut
85. Andrew: Greek, meaning “strong,” “manly,” or “courageous”
86. Violet: Latin, from the violet flower
87. Theodore: Greek, meaning “divine gift”
88. Aurora: Latin, meaning “dawn”
89. Caleb: Hebrew, meaning “dog,” a symbol of devotion to God
90. Savannah: English, meaning “treeless plain”
91. Ryan: Gaelic, meaning “descendent of the king”
92. Audrey: English, meaning “noble strength”
93. Asher: Hebrew, meaning “happy” or “blessed”
94. Brooklyn: English, derived from the borough in New York City
95. Nathan: Hebrew, meaning “he gave”
96. Bella: Latin, derived from Belle, meaning “beauty”
97. Thomas: Hebrew, meaning “a twin”
98. Claire: Latin, meaning “clear” and “bright”
99. Leo: Latin, meaning “lion”
100. Skylar: Dutch, meaning “scholar”


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